O'nebs Foundation is sponsoring 25 students of O'nebs Foundation Academy , Imo State, Nigeria on a two weeks cultural and academic excursion program to the United States of America. The program has been scheduled for May 2018.  O'nebs Foundation Academy scholars will make a historic maiden voyage from Nigeria, Africa to New York City, for a cultural and educational excursion program that will be informative and inspirational. This initiative is a Rite of Passage that enables OFA to subject our scholars to the retained benefit of learning that leaves an immediate and a lasting imprint on their character from travelling aboard to broaden their cultural, intellectual and moral development.


This planned trip is expected to increase our scholars cognitive flexibility to inform their worldview as

  • Adapt to globalization.
  • Get out of their comfort zone and learn how to adjust to change, and building of
  • Develop cultural sensitivity of foreign destinations.
  • Discover cultural differences such as cuisine and social expectations and
    cultural similarities of moral and social alignment.
  •  Language immersion.
  •  Unclothe history, politics, religion and social habits.

Some of the activities that will be embarked on by the students include:

  • Welcome reception by various community groups.
  • An educational and entertaining walking tour of lower Manhattan to visit the South Street Seaport.
  • Visit to African Burial Ground to verify the strong presence of Africans in New York.
  • Walking tour through Chinatown.
  •  A visit to the Native American Museum, the Museum of Natural History (Dinosaur/ Stars
    Exhibit), Central Park, Times Square, Rockerfeller Plaza, Empire State Building, the Brooklyn
    Bridge, World Trade Center, Harlem, and  Coney Island Amusement Park.
  • Meet with inter-governmental leaders – Elected officials.
  • Worship His Majesty – A Celebration of Worship.


A total  estimate of $125,000 has been budgeted for the 25 students, and $4,500 for each student. This amount will cover Air tickets, Accommodation, Feeding, Transportation, Souvenirs, Visa fees, Events tickets and other miscellaneous.


See our 2018 Summer Excursion Budget Breakdown