O'nebs Foundation Incorporated is a non-profit organization duly registered in the state of New Jersey, United States of America with identification number: 0450033475. Our purpose is to assist the under privileged children in Africa with an opportunity to receive quality and affordable Education by providing them with free study materials, books, computers and financial assistance as well as other assistance that will encourage them to attend school.

Through the establishment of O'nebs Foundation Academy in Imo State, Nigeria, we have been able to offer affordable and quality Education to kids from less privileged homes. We provide full and partial scholarships covering tuition, books, school uniform, transportation and feeding. We make sure that every available child is given equal opportunity to reach his/her potential. We are determined to create a promising future for the kids. 

Our Education program is ICT oriented, backed by innovation. We employ the best teachers within and out of the region to ensure that our desired standard of teaching and learning is maintained. We will continue to reach out to more stakeholders in Education within and outside Africa to ensure that more children from poor homes are educated.